Monday, December 10, 2007

Eleven Shades of a Black Girl

Against the heated sands of a summer beach,
She is bronze.
And in the shade of a summer tree,
She is cinnamon.
With cherry blossoms in her midnight hair,
She is honey.
And with roses in her caramel palms,
She is chocolate.
When the falling leaves of autumn lay against her legs,
She is almond butter.
And by the glowing blaze of a winter fire,
She is coffee.
By the light of morning's rays,
She is brown sugar.
And by the pale moonlight of night,
She shines toffee.
And when the moon is new,
Her silhouette is black
Against the radiant stars.

*This is my poetry. Please do not copy the text, reuse it or plagiarize. Thanks!

1 comment:

Leeeeeeeeeee said...

Finally a new one! I check every day, you know. This is also my absolute favorite--it's like a meal in a poem, inspired and uplifting. Bravo!