Sunday, November 4, 2007

Isabel, Daughter of Abra

The space in time won’t thwart your aging cries,
Her flesh, like fire, it seemed a sin to hold.
And though your hearth in embers ever dies,
Your babe remained unguarded in the cold.

Your daughter’s cinders grew and flamed in anger,
Forever veiling frost too chill to bear.
And now to her you will remain a stranger,
Begging He to spare her in your prayers.

He says you must see Him before your child,
So her His way you showed as best you could.
But her soul remained as dang’rous as the Wild,
So you to her will stay misunderstood.

His path you step to enlighten all mankind,
The one you cherish most forever blind.

*This is my poetry. Please do not copy the text, reuse it or plagiarize. Thanks!


leeeeeeeeeee said...


In my Hebrew poetry class we're discussing the Biblical story of the sacrifice of Isaac, and how poets reused it. Well, you reinterpret it better than any of them--because it's a daughter instead of a son, etc. It's amazing. I mean, I know it doesn't have to be a reinterpretation of that, but that's how I read it, and it's amazing.

Shari Shepard said...

What do you think about "The Children of God" as a title or "Godless?" If you have any other ideas please let me know.